Board Of Directors


Tyler Gordon ACMHC

Tyler grew up in Lakeshore, Utah where he learned to work hard on the family farm.  Tyler lives in St George Utah and is married with two children. Tyler loves his family and works hard to provide a better life for them. Tyler graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2018 with his Associate Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree. Tyler has worked in the substance abuse/ mental health field the past 11 years.  He is passionate about recovery and helping others out from under the grasp of addiction. Tyler has been sober since July 15, 2008 and continues to go to AA meetings and working with others in recovery. He is passionate about the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and “getting real” with clients. He strives to provide support while advocating for others in their journey towards recovery. Through his passion and ability to connect with others, Tyler founded the Ripreza Fund and the Run For Recovery in 2012. Since then Tyler has built relationships with community leaders, local treatment centers to bring awareness to addiction, and to educate families about the support available to them.  Tyler knows recovery is a very personal experience and it takes a lot of love, support, and accountability. 


Chris Wilkins LCSW

Chris started working in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field in 2005 after graduating from Utah Valley University with a degree in Psychology.  He has a Masters degree in Social Work and is currently working on a Doctorate in Behavioral Health, both from Arizona State University.  

Chris has worked with addicts and their families his entire professional career, including a weekly parenting workshop with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, outpatient and residential treatment programs, prison, and in more intensive psychiatric hospitalizations. 

“I wanted to better understand addiction. To me, there are not many feelings as painful and devastating as the despair, powerlessness and destruction that surround addiction.  From grief and loss, horrific traumas, homelessness, self-loathing, terminal illness and even death, every single patient I’ve ever worked with is running from some type of pain.  And the family usually doesn’t understand how to best support the healing process, though they so desperately want and need to.  Contrast that pain with the wonderfully inspiring and powerful stories of those who have been able to find healing and happiness.  Not many feelings are as awe-inspiring and motivating as to see someone who had been in such a hopeless rut and seemed to have lost everything, and then, to see them be able to move beyond that chaos and into a life of recovery to the point that families can be reunited, freedom and joy can be reclaimed, relationships healed, and trust regained.”

Chris understands how the family system is impacted by addiction.  He’s experienced it from multiple angles and has a passion for helping others recognize their underlying issues and the people, places and things that led to these problems in the first place.  

“We can make some terrible mistakes in this life.  But the most important thing about all of it is that we realize our faults and weaknesses, make changes, and turn them into our strengths.  Seeing people increase their awareness and empowerment to the point that their own recovery begins to inspire the newcomer is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve been able to witness.” 


Joe Elder CMHC

Joe has worked in the field of Mental Health for over 15 years. Joe is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, interventionist and recovery support specialist. Joe has a passion for helping individuals struggling with mental health issues and has extensive knowledge surrounding addiction. Joe understands that recovery is very difficult and wants to continue doing all he can to support the addict/alcoholic who suffers. 


Brody Bates CMHC

Brody is the Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Summit View Counseling. Brody has worked in the mental health field in various capacities and specialties for 14 years. In that time he has come to understand the needs of individuals, couples, and families as they face challenges which can seem overwhelming. Brody is one of the original founders of the Ripreza Fund and helped build the foundation to what it is today. 

Caprice Compton CMHC